Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Republicans Taking Control of the Senate Goes Through the West

If the Republicans controlled the Senate, the debt ceiling discussion would be much different today.  Although Democrats would try to use a filibuster, they would be in a weak and defensive position.

But, Republicans failed to win the Senate in 2010.  Most observers believe it’s possible in 2012 – and two of the four seats needed are in the twelve western states.

Nevada Republicans need to hold the seat.  Dean Heller was appointed and will likely be in an expensive, tough race.  Harry Reid wants the seat and will raise the money.  Montana is a top priority for a Republican pick-up, but Democrats have found good candidates in recent elections.  Jon Tester is a good fit.  His problem is being a Democratic incumbent.  New Mexico, as an open seat, will be a powerful fight, and has already attracted primaries in both parties.

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