Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hickenlooper Says Obama Can Lose Colorado

Republicans are pleased Gov. John Hickenlooper said he believes Barack Obama would have a “hard time” in Colorado in 2012.  This is not a big news item.  Our June 28 blog, “Obama Could Lose Colorado,” described the President’s challenge in the country’s ultimate swing state.

In 2010, the Democrats’ run in Colorado that begun in 2004 ran out.  Republicans came back, sweeping most of the state’s competitive races, except the Senate.  Democrats held it by only 40,000 votes.  In that election, Obama was a drag-on ticket.  Bennet was a proxy for Obama, Washington and national Democrats.  But, he ran a very well-funded, good campaign.

Hickenlooper’s statement, while accurate, was not very political.  But, Hickenlooper is a Democrat mostly by convenience.  Running for governor was his first partisan job.  No doubt, he will be more cautious with his predictions given the tough partisan environment in 2012.  But, the party shouldn’t expect much rah rah from the Hick.

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