Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aspen Ideas Festival and Clinton

Ron Brownstein, one of the best national political reporters (National Journal and commentary on CNN, ABC and others), interviewed Bill Clinton at the Aspen Ideals Festival last 4th of July weekend.

Clinton argues that the difference between today’s slow recovery and the good economic times in the mid 90s is the current lack of a growth engine, such as the information revolution he benefited from.

He supports the Democratic Party’s theory of government investment in infrastructure, education and basic research. The problem, of course, in today’s political and fiscal environment, there is no money for investment. Moving money from entitlements, which he advocated, is resisted by his party and especially its left wing, represented by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

One reason Hillary Clinton isn’t president is that the left wing of the Democratic Party, which controlled the 2008 nomination with the help of a united Black community, didn’t trust her to maintain the liberal positions and its special interest agendas.

See Ron Brownstein’s “A Lost Decade” in the National Journal

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