Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will There be More or Fewer Voters in the Runoff?

The Denver electorate was only modestly engaged in the mayor’s election on May 3. Even with the convenience of mail-back voting, only 114,000 managed to participate in the May general election (39% turnout).

It is possible turnout could drop below that figure in the runoff. Typically, competitive elections with advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts draw voters, but the similarity of the two candidates may lower the stakes and leave the enthusiasm of voters. And, the recent poll showing Hancock ahead by 10 points could lower turnout in both camps.

Although it’s early, there does appear to be a large early return. That is not surprising given most people have already voted for their candidate in the general election. In the general election, more than one-third of the vote came in the last two days. As of May 27, 30,000 votes have been returned, 10 percent of the total ballots mailed.

See Denver Post article:
More than 30,500 Denver voters already have voted as of Friday, 10.18 percent

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