Friday, June 10, 2011

Mayoral Spending Hits Record

Like his aggressive campaign, Chris Romer was the most zealous fundraiser, with $1.1 million raised and borrowed ($500,000) in the runoff.  Due to his generally perceived trailing position, he was forced to loan his campaign money in the runoff.  His total expenditure for the election was $2.5 million.

Michael Hancock had a great May of fundraising as utilitarian contributors; i.e., interest groups and their representatives, rushed to get on the bandwagon. He raised $700,000 with no loans. He still trailed Romer in runoff fundraising by about $400,000, and overall by one million dollars.

Nearly $2 million was raised in the runoff, leading to a new record of $4 million in campaign spending by top two candidates. A total $5.6 million was raised by the six major candidates.

See Denver Post article: Romer’s $500,000 loan to campaign helps make Denver mayoral race most expensive ever

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