Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep the Stock Show in Denver – Downtown that Is

Regional competition for the convention business is natural. Suburban areas will find developers who want to use tax subsidies to build major convention facilities –and Aurora is an ambitious city. It is only slightly more than half the size of Denver, but fights above its weight.

However, as a core city, it’s important for the region that Denver maintains and grows its job base. And, downtown Denver’s retail viability is key to the city’s sales tax revenue.

Wellington Webb was a good mayor, but he failed to grow the Colorado 8th Avenue health science center. Now, it’s mostly a benefit for Aurora. John Hickenlooper was a good mayor, but he failed to resolve the stock show’s space problem.

Michael Hancock should not start his administration losing the stock show to Aurora’s new convention center. It should stay close to downtown Denver.

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