Friday, May 20, 2011

We are Really Getting Older

Do you know someone over 85 years old? Over 90? My mother-in-law is 91, a Texan, who, of course, still drives and plays bridge. She’s not uncommon. New U.S. Census data shows she’s a member of one of the fastest growing demographic groups in America – people over 85. The group grew 33 percent in the last decade to more than 5.5 million – better life style, better medicine.

I am one of the oldest members of the Baby Boomers. Born in 1946 and just turned 65. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are also members. Along with most of Washington politicians, if you know someone talking about retirement or Medicare, it’s not a surprise. The leading edge of the Baby Boomers – people aged 50 to 64 – are the fastest growing group of the electorate, 43 percent, or 35 million.

The entire Baby Boomers has 78 million members, and the youngest members are now 46, born in 1964. Barack Obama is at the youngest end of the Boomers (born in 1961).

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