Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Twenty Years, the Issue of Gay Rights Has Gained Majority Support, While the Fight for Abortion Rights Has Lost Ground

In 1992, Colorado passed an anti-gay amendment to the state Constitution. In 1993, President Bill Clinton tried to loosen the statutes on gays in the military. His effort was stymied.

Americans were not supportive of gay rights in 1992 and are now:

• 48% say gay and lesbian relations between consenting adults should be legal (1992)
• 69% say relations should be legal today

In 1996, Americans were strongly pro-choice and now are barely supportive:

• 56% pro-choice in 1996
• 49% pro-choice today

Americans are highly conflicted on abortion, with 27 percent say it should be legal under any circumstance, 22 percent believe it should be illegal under all circumstances and a majority (50%) believes it should be legal under some circumstances. That is to say local and national authorities can regulate and discourage it. Legal under any circumstance has dropped about 5 to 10 points since 1992 and illegal in all circumstances increase 5 to 9 points.

What is the difference in the two major social issues of the era and the direction they have gone with the American people?

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