Friday, April 8, 2011

Can Romer Win the Race Without a Runoff?

Chris Romer continues to pace the field in fundraising.  The only published poll places him at 20 percent, with 40 percent of voters undecided.  He’s in the runoff, barring a McInnis-like crisis.  But, hitting 50 percent plus to win outright will require a collapse of most of the field, which has three other candidates with the money and a sufficient base among voters to be competitive the last month.

Romer has consistently raised about a third of all the money taken in – now more than $2.8 million. Although he received the Denver Post endorsement, and will no doubt use it in his advertising, it has created little buzz so far, possibly due to the lack of new coverage about it and the rather ambivalent tone of it.

Hence, Romer leads into runoff, but still doesn’t command the field. He will need a burst of public relations good news to enliven his campaign to get through it without a runoff.

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