Friday, April 15, 2011

April 4th Round of Municipal Elections

Colorado Springs and Fort Collins both had municipal elections on April 4. The two larger Colorado Front Range cities are dealing with significant water projects.

In the Colorado Springs election, the billion dollar plus Southern Delivery System was a campaign topic. A group of candidates associated with Douglas Bruce ran campaigns for mayor, at-large and district city council positions. They criticized the project and the associated rate increases. They lost. Bruce received fewer votes than one of his less well-known allies in the at-large position. But, the defeat was reasonably close, and water and rate increases are likely to remain issues. Douglas Bruce’s problems have continued. He was just indicted for tax evasion.

In Fort Collins, the balance between environmental radicals and environmental moderates was maintained. But, mayoral winner Karen Weitkunat represents the moderate faction in local politics. Also, two incumbents were re-elected, which continues the one-vote majority for what has, thus far, been hostile to a host of new water projects. Weitkunat’s campaign was based on jobs and a strong economy, and it gives her some momentum to help guide a more reasonable dialogue.

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