Thursday, March 17, 2011

Candidates Begin the Debate – March 2 Denver Petroleum Club/Denver Athletic Club Forum

The top six candidates for mayor of Denver had their answers down to two minutes on a full range of topics at the DAC/Petroleum Club forum on March 2. They all had spent considerable time thinking about economic development and had the most passion for fixing education – both topics where Denver mayors have only a few small carrots and sticks.

Where they actually could make a difference, such as in police personnel or procedures or the structure of Denver’s revenue and spending, they were more cautious and less animated.

But, one of six will be mayor, and the top four or five will receive 90 percent of the vote. Ten candidates made the ballot. So, unfortunately, for the next month, many forums will be filled with pleasant, but irrelevant, conversation from several candidates with a few supporters, but no chance.

Top Candidates

Carol Boigon
Michael Hancock
Doug Linkhart
James Mejia
Chris Romer
Theresa Spahn

Can one of these candidates win the election on May 3 without a runoff? If the race is measured by money, Romer accumulated more than twice the amount of any other candidate in February. But money will likely only get him into a frontrunner position, not necessarily the fourth floor. And, being the frontrunner makes Romer the leading target for the next two months.

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