Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Six Months Out – Colorado Republicans Maintain a Lead in Senate Race

Republican Senate frontrunner Jane Norton has maintained a consistent single digit lead over Democrats Michael Bennet and Andrew Romanoff since the beginning of the year. Presently, her lead is seven points against each candidate. Norton is 48 percent to 41 percent against Bennet and 46 percent to 39 percent against Romanoff.

Considering the general election sample frame Rasmussen uses, Bennet and Romanoff have only been separated by a couple of percentage points. Romanoff appeared to lead the first two months of the year, and is slightly behind today. The shift may reflect Romanoff’s early advantage as a non-incumbent being replaced by Bennet’s recent television advertising.

Bennet must have some concern with the fact that after his spending he’s still running behind Norton, who has done little to establish herself as a strong presence in the field.

Although Norton is better known than her rivals, Ken Buck and Tom Wiens, when the three are placed against Michael Bennet their scores are very similar, with Buck equaling her most recent numbers, possibly reflecting his surge among party regulars at the March caucus. Ms. Norton decided to abandon the party convention approach and petition onto the ballot
(See Rasmussen Reports:  April 5 survey and May 3 survey)

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