Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama’s Colorado Visit to Help Bennet

President Barack Obama’s February 18 visit to help Senator Michael Bennet was not about money, but an effort to impart some enthusiasm and charisma to a campaign largely devoid of it. Bennet is engaged in an inter-party contest with Andrew Romanoff, who has the benefit of years of Democratic Party service.

The first test is the March 16 party caucus, which is the official beginning of the political year. Possibly 30,000 to 50,000 Democrats will meet to begin the process to select a senate nominee. If Romanoff can attract support from more than 30 percent of the attendees, he can make the August 10 primary ballot.

More significantly will be any percentage above 50 percent. At that point, it becomes clear Bennet lacks support from the activists of the Democratic Party.

And, while Bennet might still be able to win an August primary, he will be on the defensive much of the year. An incumbent senator, newly appointed without support of the core party, is in serious trouble in a tough November election.

(Also see articles in Aurora Sentinel and 9News)

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